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About Us

Seén Cox-Director Of Technology

Fifteen years of network architecture and engineering experience toward designing networks that will improve operational efficiency and reduce total costs. For All your Networking and PC Issue's

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Isaac Van Name-Programming Network Development

PHP Programmer and jQuery / Javascript
MySQL, Javascript / JQuery, CSS, Social Media, SEO / SEM Network -- Windows (Server 2003 / XP / Vista, NT Server 4), Linux (Red Hat ES4, Gentoo, Debian / Ubuntu, Arch), Unix (SCO Unix, FreeBSD)

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R.S. Winters Graphic Designer Artist • Webmaster

20 years of diverse business experience, 11 years in web site development. Hands on experience with: HTML, Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver UltraDev, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks, Flash 5, Flash MX, Homesite, Xara, Swish, PhotoShop, Paintshop, Painter, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript, DHTML, FrontPage, MSQuery, SQL, FTP, ODBC, AS/400,

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