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Client Must Provide to Web Designer:
Regardless of the size of business you are owning, you need a professional online image. And it is a feature rich website that will serve the purpose well. But for meeting the set business promotional goals, you need a seasoned web designer who possesses the capability of turning your dream website look into an original layout. But before any website design task sets into motion, there are few things that a client needs to give it to a web designer to ensure that the blurred layout into mind get a real look and feel.

Of course the task will be accomplished when a designer is made clear about the things that a client wants him to integrate in a website. When given, brief and elements will help designers in executing the job with sheer sincerity, dedication and ease. Further, it will help them in bypassing any possible modifications that could pop up with time. Below mentioned are some of the few significant things that a client must hand over to its web designer before he jumps on the bandwagon to start the work.

Logos, as we all know form an important part of any corporate website. It is usually the color of the logo that helps a designer to choose the color scheme for the whole website. Therefore a client must tell the designer about the brand identity and the look it has. It will help them in analyzing the hues they will be sprinkling on the rest of the web pages in contrast to the logo color. The idea is to maintain the balance and not overboard a website with colors that eventually meets the clients demand of a great website.

It is another important factor that a client needs to explain to a web designer and not leave the task to be done alone by the designer. Presentation is a broader term and include the placement of the logo and the brand name on the website. Handling over the responsibility of designing is not the end of job from clients part. Giving thorough branding guidelines is the right strategy to follow. The reason is that it will help a client in assuring that the website gets the same look, feel and appeal that he wants on his website.

Website Content: Images Photos Written Documentation etc
Last but not the least, content of the website plays a major role. If a website doesen"t have a compelling content or information, the rest of the efforts will go in drain. If a website designer is clear about the content, he will be able to perform better when it comes to designing and its presentation. Information is what you need to give to your end-users pertaining to your brand, products or services. Therefore, solidifying the content part by giving it a superior placement is recognized as a critical aspect of web designing. This calls for a client to provide designer well-written content that will form the basis of a greatly designed website. The Designer will not be responsible for the following  Taking Photos writing documentation

Pornography and sex-related merchandising and material is prohibited on all sites hosted or designed by N.O.W. NETWORKS Web Design. This includes sites that may infer sexual content, or links to adult content elsewhere. If you host non-adult related content with us and then host adult related sites somewhere else, this is also prohibited and we can not allow someone to host on our server that would host pornography elsewhere. If we find out that you are hosting adult material elsewhere, we will be forced to remove your site (even if it does not have adult material on it) from our servers because we feel that it would be just a matter of time before you would either try to put that on our servers or place a link to it. N.O.W. NETWORKS Web Design will be the sole arbiter in determining violations of this provision.

If pornography is found on our server, the offending domain will be deleted immediately with no warning and no refunds of money will be given. NO links to any pornography or sex related sites are tolerated and your site will immediately be removed without refund.

Also prohibited are sites that promote any illegal activity or present content that may be damaging to N.O.W. NETWORKS Web Design servers or any other server on the internet. Links to such materials are also prohibited. No warez, illegal MP3 downloads or gaming sites.

Add-on or Elective Web Design Products
Online Web Stores ( Custom Gallery Password Protection Forums Calendar)
 are an extension of any client sites  design and
will not be considered a part of any Web Design Package these Add-ons or Elective can be time consuming and can prolong
Launching of customers/client web site. NOW Networks does reserved the right to collect on payment(s) of any web design package we offer and continue in developing of any of our elective or custom  products in a timely manor at anytime that any project goes past contract date(s) client will be charge an additional fee per hours for more information please contact the host admin or Call our Office at 662-205-0496

N.O.W. NETWORKS Reserves the right to maintain any and all work and domain name if there is a past due amount pending, NO EXCEPTION. Also retain the right that if is a pending balance to hold  suspend account without warning or any refund.

Any Domain Name Purchase by N.O.W. Networks is the property until any or all fees are paid in full, NO EXCEPTION!!! and all park Domain will be Considered as a Hosted Domain and will be charge accordingly


Examples of unacceptable content or links:
Pirated software
Hacker / Cracker programs or archives
Warez sites

N.O.W. NETWORKS Design will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision.

Our company reserves the right to change or modify these terms with no prior notice.


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