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About Us

Seén Cox-Director Of Technology

Fifteen years of network architecture and engineering experience toward designing networks that will improve operational efficiency and reduce total costs. For All your Networking and PC Issue's

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Isaac Van Name-Programming Network Development

PHP Programmer and jQuery / Javascript
MySQL, Javascript / JQuery, CSS, Social Media, SEO / SEM Network -- Windows (Server 2003 / XP / Vista, NT Server 4), Linux (Red Hat ES4, Gentoo, Debian / Ubuntu, Arch), Unix (SCO Unix, FreeBSD)

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R.S. Winters Graphic Designer Artist • Webmaster

20 years of diverse business experience, 11 years in web site development. Hands on experience with: HTML, Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver UltraDev, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks, Flash 5, Flash MX, Homesite, Xara, Swish, PhotoShop, Paintshop, Painter, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript, DHTML, FrontPage, MSQuery, SQL, FTP, ODBC, AS/400,

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About N.O.W. Networks Professional Services

Professional Hosting Services

NOW Datacenter are configured to meet and exceed all of your needs from Small to Large even Enterprises Networks. We are the Only Company that Has the 100% Uptime Guarantee. Click here for more Information

The N.O.W. Maximum ASP data center has been engineered using the latest design methodologies including zoned cooling, hot aisle / cold aisle enforcement, zoned fire suppression utilizing clean agents, and redundant power supply sources. The combination of these items offer you the most current best practices in data center design and management.

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